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Uptown Community


Based on 2019 media:

Black is about 10.78%

Whites is about 58.46%

Asian is about 7.68%

Gender rate

Males: 51.61%

Females: 48.39%

Based on our understanding and our own experiences, due to gentrification, the rate for whites has increased over the years.

Uptown’s society


Uptown is known to be a center for entertainment,fun and diverse cultures.

Aragon Ballroom: Made in 1926 – it was made to resemble a spanish palace with the chandelier lights. It’s known for being the center host for concerts, parties, boxing matches etc. It’s still used for a lot of events in this current day and age.

Riviera Theatre: Made in 1917 -Promoted the idea of the French Renaissance Revival in its structure.However, later on became a club in 1988. It serves for popular acts, performances and entertainment. Not used as much back in the day but it’s still a great place for enjoyment in uptown.


-Jan Schakowsky has been representing uptown since 1999 with Uptown being the 9th congressional district

-Alderman James Cappleman for the 46th ward. He joined office in 2011.

– Biden won the election with 82% of the vote for Chicago in general.


Uptown residents are majorly Christian.

Different churches exist in Uptown, attended by locals.

Uptown residents are loyal to churches hence their existence.

Among the churches include Grace Chicago Church and People’s Church; Buddhists are part of the worshipping center in Uptown Zen Buddhist Temple signifies the presence of diversity in religion. There is unity in religious diversity.

There are 1000 churches in Uptown and counting the majority of the population are Christians in the vicinity.

The religion of Uptown locals is diverse, with Christianity becoming the dominant religion. Diversity in religion is a positive item to influence improved relations in society. The public desires a positive culture. The role of religion is to uplift the public spirits. Therefore, concern about making policies that effectively support religion is prioritized with Uptown local authorities as envisaged by the Constitution. Religion is practiced freely in Uptown. Churches are dominantly seeking to support the need of the Christians. Other religions exist, and people can freely associate with the religion of choice. Preference and choice are safeguarded as a right among Uptown residents.


The uptown firefighters have a twitter, and facebook

Uptown United also helps show the different events entertainments taking places throughout the week

There’s the uptown News ABC7 Chicago

Websites such as DNAinfo are used to keep residents up to date with current events or crimes that may have occurred


Uptown has the red line which starts from Wilson to Argyle that assist its residents to travel from and to different places throughout the day.

DIY bikes are also easily accessible in this neighbourhood

The Buses available are 36, 78, 81


At the East of the border is Montrose (Ravenswood to Clark)

The West border is Clark Street

At the North Lincoln Square

At the South Lake View

6.035 km² is the size of the border ((Haas et al., 2002).

Boundaries are set with the local authorities to enhance the management of the administrative units. Therefore, the Uptown local authorities need to ease the process of managerial duties in society. The boundary of Uptown effectively supports the community to live in harmony by accessing services offered by the local authorities. People in the Uptown community must respect the border boundaries that are set to access the services required from the administrative unit. It is vital to realize that the role of the boundary assures the people that the Uptown local authorities will provide quality services as a right but not a favor.


Uptown is known for having many elementary schools and one of the most popular community colleges.

Public elementary school

-There are about 12 schools that are convenient. Most of them are given 4 or 5 stars.

– Reading and math is about 57%

High schools

-There is 1 high schools which unfortunately has a low rank due to crime and violence.

-Graduation rate is 42% of state average.

Truman College

– This school is ranked #2 best community college in chicago


-12 elementary schools

– 4 preschools including Christopher House

-1 community college and 1 High school

There is also 2 catholic private schools that teach discipline, self control and religion.


The local authority is tasked with housing regulation.

Modern housing standards are developed to accommodate the increased population due to improved standards of living.

Total households in Uptown is 36011, an 1.5% increase annually (Caminer, 2018).

Houses serve an essential role in society. Therefore, living standards are supported by the local authorities with the envisaged goal of creating lasting outcomes. It is indeed beneficial to zone housing development to manage the town and improve lasting living standards. Affordability of housing is a concern in an economy that is growing. Costs of housing are increasing due to production costs to develop the houses. There is high demand for quality housing in the economy. It is important to realize that houses serve the basic purposes of humanity. Every human needs to be housed, and Uptown local authorities are tasked with the function.


Open spaces are provided with the town planning in the society.

In Uptown, there are spaces considered public.

Public spaces are designed for the benefit of society.

An example is Sheridan park flats hosting one-bedrooms.

The rate of development is at 0.4% threatening open space due to rapid urbanization (Haas et al., 2002).

Open spaces are adequate to support quality standards of living. Uptown in Chicago provides open spaces that would encourage health activities in society. The public accesses open spaces. Some policies safeguards and maintains the open spaces to be clean and safe. Open policies are considered a sign of a democratic space where citizens can engage and make informed decisions. The role of the open spaces creates a democratic space for public discourse. Uptown residents can protest. The local authorities allocate public spaces and land with effective management from the administrators. Open spaces are good and effective for the public benefit.


Local authorities in Uptown offer services to locals and foreigners Stores are located in public centers that are accessible to the general audiences.

Service centers are approved by the local authorities for licenses to operate in Uptown.

Stores are provided with a conducive environment for operating to create employment as well as return on capital to investors.

In a 24-hour economy, services are located within reach of residents, and shopping centers are located within a radius of 5 km due to urbanization (Haas et al., 2002).

Services are classified as either public or private. The local authority in Uptown creates an environment for private investors to offer services demanded by the community for improved business activity. Private services are envisaged to create employment in Uptown; thereby, sustainable business conditions are required. The local government offers public services. Investors are encouraged to develop stores that can influence commerce. The increased employment rate is determined by the spending power of the residents of the Uptown community. In a globalized economy, services target foreigners through e-commerce platforms. Uptown residents have invested in services offered by the locals and foreigners seeking to make investment returns through capital allocation.


Health centers .exists for the safety of the community.

The status of health is positive in Uptown, with various stakeholders investing in providing professional services to patients in need.

Some of the medical institutions include Uptown neighborhood health center and Uptown Care and Rehab Center.

In a population of 57 182, the rate of residents visiting medical centers is 1.7% (Haas et al., 2002).

Medical institutions are vital for the safety of citizens. It is, therefore, important to establish medical intuitions that are targeted to support livelihoods in the community. Uptown local authorities have provided measures to support the residents. There are disease burdens that are assessed with the local authorities at Uptown to ensure safety. The public is enlightened in the society on concerns of disease spread and safety measures that can be undertaken. The community is informed of the values and necessary measures that can lower the disease burden. Health risks changes and global concerns pose risks to Uptown. Expertise consults on health risks that are experienced at global and local concerns to make informed choices.


Case management involves a specialty in health management.

Public health institutions exist as provided by the local authorities to support health systems and resource utilization.

Aids foundation in Chicago is a case management institution.

Diseases burden is solved with the case management policies.

The rate of unemployment is at 4%, which is correlated with standards of living impacting standards of health (Haas et al., 2002).

Public health policies are adequate to ensure safety among individuals in society. In Uptown, some structures and institutions serve the interests of the public. The local authority provides the structures for case management. Content and information are provided to the local authorities to ensure case management is done within the stipulated measures to achieve envisaged objectives. Case management is handled with expertise to safeguard resources in society. Therefore, the case management role in Uptown seeks to ensure safety in terms of preparedness. Policymakers consider case management tools to ensure ease of management and resource exploitation to benefit the public.


Diversity in racial identity.

Skilled professionals that offer technical services to customers.

Informed community members that seek to live in harmony.

In a population of 60000, the community has the potential to influence change towards a better standard of living (Haas et al., 2002).

The community is a dynamic location. Global changes impacts are felt in Uptown. Indeed, the locals are enlightened in the community achieving harmonious living. Target communities seek to relate positively with the local authorities to attain quality, sustainable living standards. Unity is a significant concern in making advancements in society. Community strength is provided by the integrity of the people in the society. It is vital to make informed decisions after a consultative forum with the expertise of society. The role of the community strength is envisaged with the patriotic people in the society. Uptown residents are patriotically seeking to influence positive outcomes for the vicinity.


Community resources at Uptown include the people among them, skilled professionals.

Tourist attractions are an economic aggregator in Uptown.

An effective transport system that supports movement in the town is provided by American Heritage Museum (About Uptown. Uptown United. 2021, December 6). 

At every residence, there are community resources safeguarded by the local authority (Hunter, 2015). 

Community resources are vital to holding the people together in society. People demand to stay in harmony. The role of administrators is to engage and make policies that effectively manage community resources. There must be returns to the public over the utilization of community resources. Community resources emerge from the area of locality. Resources are diverse, from public to private. The land is a resource that is invested in providing income. Public beaches attract tourists to society and markets where locals can seek to purchase items. The mandate to designate community resources is informed by the consultative effort of the community and policymakers.


Crime is a risk factor in Uptown

Competitiveness of the community positioned at a country level creates the risk factor.

Brand image from high insecurity incidences is a risk factor in attracting investors in Uptown.

The outbreak of public health concern in a global world is a risk factor to a town that is interconnected.

Weekly occurrence of gun shootings is expected in Uptown Chicago due to the presence of gangs.

There are risks either from interconnectedness or locally. Locally incidences of crime from the residents, such as gun shootings, vandalism, and thieving, pose risks to the area’s competitiveness. Public health challenges from incidences of Covid-19 pose risks when the case management are unlikely to be managed effectively with medical professionals. Resource allocation to the security sector is considered a risk factor with limited available capital from poor-performing economies. Social avenues pose societal risks with active shooters with nefarious intentions seeking to commit a crime. The role of the police is to maintain law and order to neutralize the risks.


There are forests in different avenues at Uptown.

The air quality is admirable as zoning has created a positive environment for healthy living.

Water systems are clean as public health measures are strictly implemented in society.

Public lands are designated and protected from land grabbing.

There are 8 locations considered unsafe among commons in Uptown, including West Englewood, East Garlified and Riverdale (Uptown Community Data Snapshot Chicago Community Area Series, 2021).

Commons are public spaces that are considered resting avenues. People can gather in the resting places and socialize in Uptown. Commons are designated for public access. Freedom is provided for the society to access the social areas considered public. The local authorities safeguard the avenues considered public in the society. The local authorities maintain hygiene standards in the public spaces. Citizens have a responsibility to ensure commons are safeguarded from exploitation. Commons are considered as uniting factor in society that develops positive bonds in the society. Strangers meet and engage to provide updates on social issues.


Local authorities have designed the city accommodating emergency measures.

The people are enlightened on measures that are to be undertaken in emergency situations.

Public health measures are engaged routinely to ensure safety standards are maintained.

Resources are allocated to fund program safety policies At the rate of 0.041%, the Uptown is considered unsafe (Chicago Metropolitan Agency, 2021).

Safety measures are prioritized at any given event in Uptown. Policies targeted for safety measures are evaluated routinely. An informed citizenry is an added advantage to safety measures. Safety policies are consulted with the available data from the local authorities to be analyzed and implemented. The role of the natives is to adhere to safety guidelines approved to be practiced in society. Uptown local authorities allocate resources to fund safety measures, therefore, ensuring effective preparedness in situations o emergency. Safety measures policies are a public health concern that supports living standards among the community members. Safety concerns are a collective responsibility.


About Uptown. Uptown United. (2021, December 6). Retrieved May 24, 2022, from https://exploreuptown.org/explore-uptown/about-uptown/

Caminer, E. (2018). If you build it, they will come? A study of economic development and ballparks in Chicago (Doctoral dissertation, Barnard College).

Chicago Metropolitan Agency , (2021, August ). Uptown Community Data Snapshot Chicago Community Area Series

Haas, P., Nyden, P., Walsh, T., Benefield, N., & Giangreco, C. (2002). The Uptown Housing and Land Use Study

Hunter, D. V. (2015). Growing diversity: Urban renewal, community activism, and the politics of cultural diversity in Uptown Chicago, 1940-1970 (Doctoral dissertation, Loyola University Chicago).


Clinical Assignment #2: Environmental Health

This assignment will develop a beginning understanding of environmental health concepts in the community setting. Students will consider how HealthyPeople 2020 environmental health themes impact their community, and apply concepts such as “social justice” and “the greater good” in evaluating public health initiatives.

Learning Objectives

1. Describe the impact of various environmental public health hazards.

2. Investigate strategies that address solutions to environmental public health hazards.

3. Explore policy and legislation related to environmental health issues in the community.


Students should familiarize themselves with HealthyPeople 2020’s Environmental Health objectives, which focus on 6 themes: 1) outdoor air quality; 2) surface and ground water quality; 3) toxic substances and hazardous wastes; 4) homes and communities; 5) infrastructure and surveillance; and 6) global environmental health.

Students can access https://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topics-objectives/topic/environmental-health for more information.

Instructions for Individual Activity

Each student will choose one of the HealthyPeople 2020’s Environmental Health themes to investigate and explore how their community (chosen with Clinical Assignment #1: Community Assessment/Windshield Survey) is affected and impacted by this theme, as well as what is being done to address this environmental health theme to safeguard or improve societal and environmental health. Students should search relevant public/governmental agency websites and media/newspaper publications to help understand the situation from historical, present, and future oriented perspectives. The EPA’s My Environment website may also be helpful (https://www3.epa.gov/enviro/myenviro/). Students will then create a 2-page paper (approximately 500 words) that addresses the following:

· Briefly describe the selected environmental health theme.

· Discuss how the community is affected/impacted by this environmental health theme.

· Explore the selected environmental health situation from historical, present, and future-oriented perspectives.

· Discuss any strategies that are planned or have been implemented to address this environmental health theme to safeguard or improve societal and environmental health. Consider the barriers and facilitators for success of these strategies. Propose strategies if none are found.

· Within the paper, students should consider and address population health concepts such as “social justice” and “the greater good.”

· Student should utilize and appropriately cite relevant public/governmental agency websites and media/newspaper publications to substantiate their writing.

· Students will submit their APA formatted paper to Brightspace by the assigned due date.

Group activity

At the clinical site (or as directed by your clinical instructor), students will present and discuss their findings of the HealthyPeople 2020: Environmental Health Investigation paper developed in the individual activity portion of the assignment.

Together, group members will discuss their findings and the significance of the environmental health issues explored.

· After hearing from your classmates, how do you rate the overall quality of the environmental health of your chosen community? Would you choose to live here? Why or why not?

· Which environmental theme presented was most concerning to you? Why?

· How will this information influence you, both personally and professionally? Do you plan to change any practices?

· What can we do as health care professionals to promote environmental health? Think about the different care areas where nurses practice: how can we make an impact in each of these settings?

· Acute care hospitals

· Long term care facilities

· Schools

· Jails/Prisons

· Other outpatient settings


Demarco, R.F. & Healey-Walsh, J. (2020). Community and public health nursing: Evidence for practice (3rd Ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer

Lippincott CoursePoint+ Enhanced for DeMarco’s Community and Public Health Nursing 3rd edition

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