Hunger in caribbean countries

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Elaborate on hunger in Caribbean countries 


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HSC 210

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The purpose of assigning a term paper is two-fold. One goal related to the effort to help the student to become more indepthly acquainted with a specific topic related to the course. The specific goal is to increase expertise in some particular substantive area. The amount that can be learned from this will expand significantly by doing research, and by writing a paper. The second goal is based on the student’s professional development which will allow delving into the intricacies of a specific topic far beyond what is possible in the broad components of the course. The writing of a term paper will also serve to sharpen analytic, writing, and communication skills in preparation for the professional career chosen. The student is encouraged not to underestimate the importance of such thinking and communications skills. Most professional positions will eventually require the graduate to find information, analyze it, and convey conclusions and recommendations to others, including the boss. Recipients of the project will give others grounds for judging the quality of the written work.

Write full and complete sentences using correct grammar. Plagiarism is a no-no! Be certain to give credit to those whose work is used. The introductory paragraph should set the stage for the entire paper. Margins should not be overly exaggerated, or changed to be any narrower than the default margins as established by Word or Apple, etc. Additionally, as presented in this sample, the document is to be double spaced. As the writer moves from one topic to another or one sentence to another, the thoughts should be connected using various connecting phrases. In other words, the paper should flow smoothly. Writing several drafts is suggested before submitting the paper and the paper should be read aloud. Each time the draft is read, errors will be picked up that were not previously seen. Also, the flow of the paper will improve with each draft writing. In order to end with a good product, the writer cannot wait until the last minute. Begin the research and writing as soon as possible.

Use the introductory paragraph as an opportunity to explain the breakdown of the paper and prepare the reader for what is to follow. In other words, hook the reader in the introductory statements. The ensuing paragraphs should convince the reader about what is being written. Make sure each paragraph supports the argument in a new way. All paragraphs in the body of the paper should remain on the topic, and fully outline the research on the given subject.

References should be used to support thoughts not your own. Alternatively, the writer should also use references to indicate that there are works published which support views the writer may have. Peppering quotes throughout your paper is a good way to make your point as well as give credit to others. The use of APA or MLA format is up to you, but whichever you choose, you must use it correctly. Look it up is you are uncertain. Remember, using outside sources and not giving credit to those sources means that you have plagiarized (Random House Dictionary, 2007).

Your final paragraph or the conclusion should encapsulate your original paragraph as well as summarize the main points discussed throughout your paper and should leave the reader understanding what you believe your position to be on the topic or you might want to express what you got out of doing your research. Conclude with strength. Restate your thesis statement. You might want to restate a point in your paragraph. Wrap it up. Give your reader something to think about.

Finally, remember Murphy’s Law which states, ‘if anything can go wrong, it will” (Shapiro, p. 129). It is like procrastinator’s karma: when you wait until the last minute, something always seems to go wrong. Fight your instinct; avoid unforeseen disasters and unnecessary late deductions. Begin your assignment giving yourself enough time to complete your work and put your best food forward. Therefore, do not wait until the last minute. If your printer breaks down, you will have to use the printer in the library which closes at 10:00pm. The paper is due on the date given. It is also required to be submitted in the format requested—a paper version. I do not accept papers submitted to my email. When a writing assignment is given, writing the paper may well be the opportunity for you to learn more about the subject you are studying than any other aspect of the course. It is worth doing well. You not only learn more, you also think more deeply about the topic you write when you have to put words on paper and discuss that topic in front of your classmates. Finally, good grades depend on good papers. If you are careless in writing your paper, your grade will reflect that carelessness.

In conclusion, I have provided you with instructions to guide you in the writing of your paper. Do your research. Have someone proofread your document before you submit it. Success is yours when you put your best foot forward. One last parting thought is that you must not forget to check the final draft for mistakes and omissions. They only serve to lower your overall total points. Your paper should fill the entire page of page 3. If page 3 is not a full page, go back to beef up your information so that your 3rd page is filled with pertinent information related to your topic. Conversely, if your document goes beyond 3 pages, you must delete information so that your document complies with the 3-page requirement. Information beyond 3 pages will not be read! Points will be lost. You may or may not be given the opportunity for a redo. Know that it is expected that you will use the library to research your topic. It is expected that you will read the materials you locate about your topic in the library. It is expected that you will provide APA research information in your document to substantiate your research findings. It is not permissible for you to turn in raw research. Research is crucial to crafting a great paper as well as a great presentation. Also, it is a requirement that you must write and re-write your paper as each writing will improve in its delivery. Additionally, practice, practice, and practice some more to achieve a great oral presentation for delivery to your professor and classmates. Above all, do not procrastinate. A good schedule and good organization are excellent skills to develop. Finally, in summary, research your topic, refine your topic, find key resources, take notes on your sources, write your paper, do additional research as necessary, cite your sources and use good grammar throughout the document.

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