CMN 456 UNH Defend Institutions Book Action Persuasiveness Discussion

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Preparation: In On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From the Twentieth Century, Timothy Snyder surveys a range of actions available to citizens who want to oppose anti-democratic practices that have undermined democratic political societies in the past. The lesson titles state the recommended actions (e.g., “Do not obey in advance”; “Defend institutions”). After reading On Tyranny, choose one lesson and identify the action it advises. We have studied concepts that could inform our understanding of that selected action as a persuasive action. Choose a a course concept that in your view can explain how that action operates persuasively. Occasionally, Snyder may refer to that concept specifically. Typically, however, you will have to make a thoughtful selection of a concept that can be used to account for the action learned in the lesson. Once you have selected a recommended action and a concept for understanding how it persuades, you are ready to write your paper.

Writing the Paper: In a thoughtful and well-written paragraph (1) name and explain the action from the lesson you have selected, quoting directly from On Tyranny in support; (2) name and explain the course concept that is relevant to understanding that action’s persuasiveness, quoting directly from its source (e.g., Woodward and Denton, myCourses article, course handout); and (3) explain how that course concept informs our understanding of the action’s persuasiveness. You should be able to write the paragraph in no more than six sentences. The paper is due via Canvas on period 26, December 3 no later than 11:59pm. Illustration paper #5 is worth up to 20 points.

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