COM 1200911 Fayetteville Technical Community College Communications Discussion

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In the fifth module of this course, you should read Chapters 8 and 9. Chapter 8 explains the concept of the communication climate, a tone in the communication that sets an environment that either encourages or discourages further healthy interactions. The chapter then highlights our power over these climates and helps us to establish communication behaviors to encourage healthy and confirming environments. In acknowledgment of the fact that no communication climate is perfect, Chapter 9 discusses the unavoidable tensions and conflicts known to arise in interpersonal relationships of all kinds. The chapter defines interpersonal conflict, uncovers how perceptions of conflict can influence actions within them, and then discusses best practices for conflict management and resolution.

You are expected to review all of the material listed below:

  • Wood, J.T. (2020). Interpersonal communciation: Everyday encounters (9th Ed.). Cengage International. Chapters 8 and 9
  • Video #1: Ethnocentrism Video
  • Video #2: Dare to Disagree
  • Video #3: The Beauty of Conflict
  • COM 120 Writing Guide: The document attached above is an excellent example of an A paper in this course that youc an use as a model for your own paper. Open it. Read it. Follow its format.


This writing assignment allows you to use readings, videos, and classroom discussions to evaluate the place that interpersonal communication has in real life. Communication in theory is important, but evaluated communication can help you to articulate, argue, defend, judge, or support your efforts to making real changes for yourself and those around you.


Based upon your reading of the Wood (2020) textbook, your viewing of the module videos, and your participation in class discussion, outline the steps you would take to ensure a mutually satisfying outcome in a specific conflict that you have experienced. Explain why you chose these particular steps.

*Write a short paper, with the following elements:

1. A clear introduction paragraph that grabs the readers’ attention, states your thesis statement (main idea), and previews the points you will use to support your thesis.

2. Body paragraph(s). Write one paragraph for each supporting point, or one single paragraph that addresses each of the supporting points.

3. A conclusion paragraph that re-addresses your thesis, summarizes your supporting points, and ties it all together with a final thought.

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