COMM 145 SJSU Emma Watson Appeal to Both Genders Video Discussion

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Instructions here:

After your understanding for feminist theory and how it is used in media please watch the following: to an external site. 

Reflect: (150 words)

How does Emma Watson appeal to both genders in the construction of this speech? How does her status as a prominent actress in society work to her advantage in speaking? Would the speech be different if spoken by a non-celebrity?

What one thought/quote stood out to you the most? Why?

Report: (150 words)

According to your textbook, “a feminist is anyone (male or female) whose beliefs and actions challenge hegemony by respecting and valuing women, as well as respecting and valuing both men and women who embrace and enact multiple gender styles and sexual orientations.

Discuss two celebrities and/or fictional characters that fit this definition. Explain what makes them a modern feminist.

Discussion: (100 words each)

Continue the discussion on feminism with two of your peers.

1st person to respond to – Joanna

Joanna’s response: 


Emma Watson appeals to both genders because she highlights the struggles that she has seen and experienced growing up being a girl and woman. She also “extends an invitation” to men by talking about the struggles that men also go through with criticism of what men should or should not do. For instance, she gives an example of how she has seen her male friends fear to be themselves because they will be seen as less of men. Her status as a prominent actress in society comes with a big platform of people that look up to her and would allow her to reach a lot of people. I think this is something positive because this means a lot of people will hear her advocacy for this issue of gender inequality. Personally, I think that it might not reach that many people because she wouldn’t have such a well-known name but the powerful message would still have the same impact on anyone who watches. I believe that it may not be seen by as many people but I still think the message will have the same affect. A quote that stood out to me is “no country in the world can yet say that they have achieved gender equality.” This stood out to me because it’s sad but very true. This issue is happening all around the world and won’t stop unless there is something being done and said. 


Two modern day feminists are actress Rowan Blanchard and fictional character, Elle Woods from the film Legally Blonde. Rowan Blanchard has actively spoken out about being a feminist. She uses social media as her platform to target the people in her generation and talk about feminism and gender equality. From instagram posts to Tumblr posts, she has used her big following to advocate for women. I recently re-watched the movie Legally Blonde, and although Elle Woods is a fictional character, I think she does a great job at showing that women are just as capable, if not more, than men. Her goal in the movie is to get into Harvard Law school in order to get her ex-boyfriend back. Everyone is surprised and confused as to why she would want to get into such a prestigious school and has a lot of people doubting her abilities. She ends up getting accepted and eventually graduates at the top of her class. This movie isn’t just about law school but shows how women are doubted when they try to achieve big things and are seen as incapable. Elle Woods is a modern day feminist because she combats the misconceptions of women and advocates for women all over to work hard and prove that you are able to do anything.

2nd person to respond to: Tony

Tony’s response:

Emma Watson appealed to both genders by saying to stop man-hating and that feminism is for both males and females. She also spoke on how males are not able to show their feelings and how her friends dropped out of sports because they didn’t want to seem to muscley. Emma Watson’s status makes people listen to her. Her films that she has done have won many awards. When she was being introduced the host named some of her accolades. Her status and money make people listen. She also has an advantage because she is an actress. She knows how to memorize scripts and from what I could tell she memorized her speech. This would be totally different if she wasn’t Emma Watson. She would not have the attention she was given and the speaker probably would be reading from a piece of paper. Status means a lot in the world we live in.

One celebrity that is a modern-day feminist Is Beyonce. She has songs about girl power and women can stand on their own and don’t need a male counterpart. She also has dominated the charts in a male-dominated industry. Her girl power is fierce and keeps the grrrl power movement going. Another person who is a modern feminist is Will Smith, I know recently he has become the bad end of the news but he supports his daughter and wife’s decisions. He let his daughter Willow, cut her own hair because he stated that she was in charge of her own body and she is in control. He supports his wife as well with her show, Red Table Talk. He even has her back when someone makes a joke about her. He will SLAP for her!

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