Conversation Discussion

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Think back on an important conversation you had recently in which you wanted to achieve a particular result. (Examples: asking your employer to change your work schedule; explaining to a friend how to change the oil and filter in a car; attempting to convince your spouse or partner into buying the computer you like rather than the one he or she prefers.)

3) Post a brief analysis of the conversation. In your analysis, explain the following and list the responses to correlate with the designated prompts by typing (a) through (e) for a thorough analysis : (a) your purpose in the conversation and the message strategy you chose to achieve your purpose; (b) the communication channels used during the conversation and how they affected the outcome; (c) the interference—internal or external—you encountered during the conversation; (d) the steps you took to adjust to feedback; (e) the strategic changes you would make in preparing for and carrying out the conversation if you had a “do-over.”

Why do speakers need to avoid ethnocentrism when addressing audiences with diverse cultural, racial, or ethnic backgrounds? Why do audience members (listeners) need to avoid ethnocentrism?

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