De Anza College Switching Languages Discussion

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recommend to write option 3 or 4.

Option A. Using everyday information from the news and from your
social media networks: Can you code/decode the “idea of Latin
America”? and the “idea of being American”? that is going on? Can you
see power relations? Elaborate!

Option B. Why are Rojo and Leuning saying “please, stop calling
yourselves Americans? Why does representation matter to them?

Option C. If your mother language is not English: how do you negotiate
when/when not/how and with whom to use your native language to
speak to others? How do you feel when you see particular signposts
translated into your language but not others? Could you bring examples?

Option D. In what contexts and social situations do you switch codes?
When? How? (at home, school, work, leisure time, with friends, family?) 

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