Iowa Central Community College Golden State Killer Case Study

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Case Studies Content

  1. Read and watch the following:
    CBS News. (2018, Apr 27). Privacy concerns after public genealogy database used to ID “Golden State Killer” suspect. Available at
    Van Ness, L. (2020, Feb 20). DNA databases are boon to police but menace to privacy, critics say [blog post]. Pew Charitable Trusts Stateline. Available at

    Using the contextual integrity framework, analyze the issues surrounding the use of genetic data in this case. Be sure to identify all of the elements of the contextual integrity framework and discuss how they apply in this case.

    Your analysis should be 1,250 to 1,500 words in length (not including references), or 5 to 6 double-spaced pages. Use APA style for your in-text citations and reference list. Be sure to include a header on each page with your last name and page number. Refer to the “Guidelines for Case Studies” section on Blackboard and be sure to follow the “Guidelines for Written Work” in the syllabus for preparing your manuscript.

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