Louisiana Delta Community College Communications Questions

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Informative Speech Assignment

Date to Present: Visit the Canvas Modules 6/26/2022
Speech Length: At least 4+ minutes
Speech Outline Due Date: Visit the Canvas Modules; your speech outline needs to include at least three
references in APA format. Refer to your textbook on Pages 110112 or visit
https://www.bibme.org/citationguide/apa/ for help.

Overview: The purpose of your informative speech is either to increase your audience’s knowledge of a
topic or to teach your audience something new. In this speech, you are NOT trying to change your
audience’s attitudes, actions, or beliefs. Instead, you should focus on helping your audience learn more
about your topic.
When selecting a topic for your informative speech, you should begin by asking yourself a series of
questions about each topic that you consider:
1. Is this an appropriate topic for an informative speech?
2. Is this a topic in which I am interested? Is this topic important to me?
3. Do I have expertise in this area or want to learn more about this subject?
4. Will my audience be interested in this topic?
5. How much does my audience already know about this topic?
6. Will learning more about this topic help or improve my audience in some way?

You may visit the following website that may give you an idea for an informative speech topic!

After selecting a topic, you should develop a specific purpose and thesis statement for your informative
speech. Decide which pattern of organization is best for presenting your main points and incorporate
support materials as you develop your speech outline. Use the Informative Speech Outline Template
below to help plan and organize your speech.

Research: For this speech, you will need to conduct outside research. You should consult a variety of
sources, such as newspaper articles, magazines, peerreviewed academic journals, books, and websites.
You should include at least three references in APA format with your outline. During your speech, you
should also orally cite at least three different sources.

PowerPoint: Highly recommended.

Notes: While planning your speech, you will develop a full sentence outline that you will turn in before
you give your speech. When you give your speech in class, you should use only one note card with a
keyword outline.

Informative Speech Outline Template
Your full name:
Title of your speech:

2 | P a g e

I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter
B. Background and audience relevance
C. Speaker credibility
D. Thesis statement
E. Preview of main points
II. Body
Transition to first main point
A. Main point 1
a. Subpoint A
b. Subpoint B
Transition (signpost, review, preview)
B. Main point 2
a. Subpoint A
b. Subpoint B
Transition (signpost, review, preview)
C. Main point 3
a. Subpoint A
b. Subpoint B
III. Conclusion
Transition and signal closing
A. Restate thesis statement
B. Review main points
C. Memorable closer
Also, please turn in your speech outline with at least three references in APA format.
Note: Your speech outline should be typed and doublespaced.

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