Process Improvement Opportunities

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Research one organization that needs improvement and one benchmark organization as a team.

Create an As-Is process flowchart for a process that requires improvement within your team’s selected organization.

Develop a 200-word summary in which you explain process improvement opportunities and change management processes for the organization in need.

Wal-Mart for a company that needs to improve and Amazon for a benchmark

Address each of the following in your summary:

  • Use the matrix example given below to identify and benchmark process improvement categories:
    • Identify and explain the following terms:
      • Reduced lead-time/cycle-time
      • Improved quality
      • Elimination of waste
      • Reduced total cost process improvements.
    • Benchmark these four categories against Toyota Production Systems (TPS) lean enterprise best practices.
    • Include your As-Is flowchart as an exhibit or figure in your paper.
    • Process Improvement Categories Definitions (Identify and Explain) Toyota (Best Practice) Description
      Reduced Lead-Time / Cycle-Time
      Improved Quality
      Elimination of Waste
      Reduced Total Cost

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