SUNY at Buffalo College Administration Report

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It seems that you are designating two different sets of readers and different purposes for each?

College Administration:  measures to take to reduce cyberbullying

Students:  how to recognize cyberbullying (?)

  • Having two sets of readers and two different purposes can be challenging–it can seem like writing two different reports.  If you decide to focus on just one of these groups, that might be a good idea.


  • You write that you will only consider “cases of cyberbullying perpetrated by school community members”.  How will you find these instances of cyberbullying?  How can you determine that the behavior is from SUNY school?
  • OR, do you mean that you will only focus on cyberbullying as it occurs among college students in general (and not specifically college students at Morrisville)?

How will the questionnaire help you?  Before you commit to writing, distributing, and tallying a questionnaire, make sure it really will help your report.  (For example, what if the students who respond don’t have much experiencw with cyberbullying?  None of that data you’ve collected will be useful to your report.)  Surveys/questionnaires take a lot of time and energy and often don’t end up helping you much with the report itself.  Sometimes it’s better to just use that time and energy to focus on other research sources.

If you do conduct a survey/questionnaire, remember that you cannot distribute it via email on our campus–you can actually get in trouble for doing that, so be careful!

What kind of secondary sources will you need?  Have you done any preliminary research to make sure that these sources are available?

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