UCB Communications Shattered Glass Discussion

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View Shattered Glass.  If you’d rather read a summary, this and this and this will work.




then go to the left side of Blackboard and click on Discussions and then this week’s forum.  (The link above is a shortcut.)

Then create a post and answer the following questions:

  1. How, if at all, did you empathize with Chuck Lane?
  2. For what reasons, if any, did you admire Chuck Lane?
  3. How, if at all, did you identify with Chuck Lane?
  4. How, if at all, does Chuck Lane influence your decision about how you will move forward with your career in communication?
  5. What is the 1 idea from this course that has influenced you the most as you move forward with your career in communication?  How so? 

Then respond to at least 1 other classmate, posing a question or comment that substantively expands the discussion.  Respond to a post with no replies before responding to a post with at least 1 reply.


 reply to my classmate.I do empathize with Chuck Lane, he had a lot of responsibility in his position and had a very hard job to carry out. Glass should’ve realized he would’ve been caught sooner or later – especially since his articles were becoming more and more outlandish but he was always so defensive when Lane tried to get the truth out of him. Glass was definitely in the wrong line of work, he would’ve made a killing as a fiction author. I admire Chuck Lane’s commitment to defending the integrity of the New Republic and not letting one young reporter soil the reputation that the magazine has built up over the years. I respect him for confronting Glass even though he was a popular and loved figure among the journalists. It’s a shame that Glass ruined his reputation as soon as he had a breakthrough moment with the hacker story. Glass ended his career with a pretty pitiful track record since the majority of his articles were found to be falsified and he lost the respect of his colleagues as well as his job & dignity. Lane on the other hand was barely able to salvage his career as an editor through the process of exposing Glass’ lies and firing him. I do identify with Chuck Lane because I wrote for my undergrad campus newspaper the Mountain Echo for two years and I remember the stress and time crunch I was under. I still maintained a sense of integrity that even if I had to submit one of my articles late I would still use credible sources and not just pull something out of thin air. Chuck Lane does not influence my decision about how I will move forward with my career in communication but I do feel a little better if I end up working with people with the same priorities as him. One idea from this course that has influenced me the most as I move forward with my career in communication is to maintain my moral courage and to set and enforce boundaries in my work environment.

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