COM 245 CUNY BMCC Critical Media Studies Worksheet

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Hello I will need you please to answer 2 different question :

1st part : Answer the question in 5 lines about chapter 5 – clsuter analysis (the book is attached)

  • question : Define Cluster Analysis. Identify and explain the three characteristics of Cluster Analysis.

Go to the textbook/chapter, explain definitions, offer examples, cite theory – including page numbers (demonstrate that you are reading and understanding the concepts).

2nde part : watch the video below and answer the questions : long answers please

Stuart Hall – Representation and the Media

Watch Stuart Hall – Media and Representation.

Video Response – Questions

  1. What is the Old View of Representation?
  2. Define & Offer examples of the New (Cultural Studies) View of Representation.
  3. What does it mean to say that representation is constitutive of an event?
  4. Define “Maps of Meaning.”
  5. Explain & give examples of the relationship between reality and discourse.
  6. What is the role of power and ideology in politics of representation?
  7. How do we contest stereotypes in the media?
  8. Define hegemony and offer examples (from this Stuart Hall video).

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