UMW Communications Stress Management Capstone

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This is a capstone speech. I have attached the worksheet pages for the capstone speech in here. Please fill out the worksheet. The worksheet will ask you that who are my audience? My audience is my classmates they all are in their mid 20s. After completing the worksheet pages. Use the worksheet pages to write my speech in a separate word doc. My speech needs to be 7 minutes long which equals to 1000 words. It doesn’t need to be 1000 words. I just need the speech to be 7 minutes long. So, when you write the speech. Read it to yourself and time yourself. If it’s 7 minutes long you are good even if the Overall word count is less than 1000. After writing the speech, just make 6-7 slides in PowerPoint as visual aid for the speech, the visual aid slides should relate to the speech. My capstone speech topic is :  Stress management in college students.                   Focus area: How to manage stress
so basically you will talk about how college students should manage their stress.

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