Abdill Career College Soccer Swimming and The Airplanes Speech Preparation Outline

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Self-Introduction Speech GuidelinesThis will be given in class on your assigned day.Speaking Time: 2-3 minutes (not less than 2 minutes and not more than 3 minutes…PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE and TIME your practices!)Visual Aids: Three visual aids are required, each one representing one main point Supporting Material: Supporting material is not required. If supporting material is used, it should be cited within the content of the speech and added to the works cited page.Outline and Works Cited: Preparation Outline and Works Cited page (if using supporting material) must be submitted to D2L Dropbox by the deadline.Note Card(s):  One note card can be used OR a one-page speaking outline.Attire: CasualSpeech RequirementsWhen given in class, make sure you have proper attire, no ball caps, hoodies, etc. If video is required, see below.You should present and video record your speech. Upload the speech to YouTube.com and post the link to the Discussion Board on the designated forum. For this speech, a live audience is not required. Your classmates and instructor will be your audience. Be sure the quality of the video is such that the sound and visuals are clear. If the sound and video quality are not sufficient for the instructor to view your speech, you will be required to resubmit to earn a grade. You should be standing to present and visible in the video from head to fingertips. Avoid wearing ballcaps as this can negatively impact eye contact.Self-Introduction Speech PurposeThe objectives of this speech are to introduce yourself to your classmates by telling them about three different aspects of your life and to help you become accustomed to presenting, recording, uploading, and submitting a speech. Visual Aid SelectionSelect three objects that represent three totally different aspects of your life that are important or of interest to you. These could represent your background, personality, family, values, ambitions, friends, career goals, workplace, religion or faith, hobbies, etc. Each object should symbolize a different aspect of YOU! Do not make your mom, your grandparents, and your siblings your three main points; they are all your family!  Do not show a baseball, a football, and a basketball; they are all your sports interests. Reveal three diverse things about your lifeThe three objects will be your visual aids for the speech.Using each object as a point of departure, you should develop each main point and tell something specific about your life interests. For example, a journalism major might select a newspaper as a way to explain his or her goals. An avid tennis player might use a tennis racket to illustrate his or her passion for the sport. A family photo might help you explain the importance of the people in your family. Show each object in your speech. The purpose of this speech is not to explain the objects in detail but to use them as a vehicle for you to introduce yourself to the class. Preparation Outline RequirementsA typed, full-content, Preparation Outline must be uploaded to the D2L dropbox by the due date. Follow the outline format in Chapter 11.The outline must be divided into three distinct parts (Introduction, Body, and Conclusion).The introduction must have 4 specific sections, and the conclusion must have 3 specific sections.Appropriate transitions should also be used.  (See the outline template and the sample outline provided in D2L in Content-Additional Resources.)A  page in Reference page in APA format must be turned in with the outline if you use supporting material. Notes and Delivery RequirementsYou may use ONE 4 x 6 or 5 x 8 note card OR a one-page Speaking Outline of your speech. You are talking briefly about 3 important or interesting things in your life that you know a lot about. You know you very well!Points will be deducted if a significant amount of content is read directly from the notecard or Speaking Outline (See Chapter 11 for examples of Speaking Outlines and Preparation Outlines). PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE so you have the appropriate amount of information to speak not less than 2 minutes or more than 3 minutes.Other InfoFailure to give the speech on assigned day may result in a zero for assignment unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.It is YOUR responsibility to communicate with your instructor if an emergency situation should arise.Lack of preparation is not an emergency situation.Feel free to post questions about this assignment on the Questions For Your Instructor discussion board forum. Don’t forget—Nervousness is normal! Some of your classmates will feel the same way. (See Chapter 1 for ways to deal with nervousness.) Think positively by looking at this experience as a way to get to know your classmates and to acquire speaking experience. 

III. Credibility Statement Allow me to share with you my first-hand experiences and my struggles to navigate life over the last few years and how these three objects hold the secret to me being so happy and successful.

II. Preview: This necklace, volleyball trophy, and Bible serve as a reminder of the personal struggles I went through to find a career I wanted to pursue, and what I hope to do in the next stages of my life.

                  (Transition into first main point: For me, this necklace symbolizes much more than a piece of jewelry, it symbolizes getting to the finish line I have tried to achieve many times and have always failed at until now.) 


I. This necklace symbolizes getting through the stress of my senior year.

    A. I have always given up at school at the first sign of stress.

         1. Because of my issues with mental illness, I quit school multiple times because I was suffering from severe manic depression and anxiety.

         2. I needed something to get me through the hump of senior year. Every time school got hard or I hit a bump I would want to quit. 

               a. This necklace is a physical reminder that I need to keep going because I am even more valuable than this necklace.

               b. While it was not the most expensive thing one could buy at Tiffany’s, it was a large purchase for a student and I’m reminded of its value and mine every time I wear it.

(Transition: The necklace itself is also only part of what motivates me to get my degree and finish well.)           

II. Anyone who knows me also knows I absolutely love to play volleyball…competitive collegiate volleyball.

Getting a volleyball scholarship was a lofty goal but my family and friends kept encouraging me to go for it and I’m so glad I did.

My past and present coaches say I’ve got what it takes, even when I am doubt my abilities or worth.

I received this trophy two years ago for being named the Outstanding Player on my team.

Our team went to the state championships and WOW…what an experience that was. (Describe how I made the final point!)

 (Transition: But even the necklace and a volleyball scholarship can’t compare to the strength and encouragement I get from reading and studying my Bible.

III.  I’ve been reading this book daily for the past six years and it continually transforms my life.

It helps me to know what the right things are to say or do and it also helps me to say “NO!” to things that are not God’s best in any situation.

The Bible gives me hope. Hope, not just for today or tomorrow, but hope for eternity. It gives me direction and guides my thinking.

My grandma gave me this Bible and her inscription in the front is a constant reminder from John 2:5 that if I want to be happy and successful, I should always do whatever the Lord tells me to do or not do.

 Conclusion (Write in one paragraph)

I. (Transition: So in conclusion, now you understand how all these things are important to me and how they tell about my past and my future.

II. Summary/Review Statement I have shared with you how I purchased my Tiffany’s necklace and that it represents facing adversities and maintaining perseverance; the thrill of getting a volleyball scholarship and winning a state championship; and how important the Bible is in directing my thoughts and my decisions.

III. Close: I have overcome many obstacles to get to where I am right now in my education, in a sport I love, and in my faith walk. So If someone asks you if you know me, which of these stories might you choose to re-tell?  

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