BCC The Psychological Benefits Associated with Owning a Cat Outline

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Topic: Why cats are good pets?

Specific Purpose Statement:

Proposition of:

Audience : 


I. Attention-getter 

II. Purpose Statement

III. Motivator/Connection to Audience

IV. Speaker Credibility 

V. Preview of main points

Transition to first point


I. Main point


1. Sub-Subpoint (not required)

B. Subpoint 

C. Subpoint 

Transition to second point

II. Main point

A. Subpoint 

B. Subpoint 

C. Subpoint 

Transition to third point

III. Main point

A. Subpoint 

  1. B. Subpoint 

C. Subpoint 

Transition to conclusion


I. Restatement of purpose 

II. Summary review of main points 

III. Closing Memorable Line(s) 

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