Clinical Informatics Presentation

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For this week’s assignment, you will prepare a presentation on the
clinical informatics pillar of health informatics. Create your
PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes that critically address each
of the following elements. (Remember that your presentation slides
should have short, bullet-pointed text with your speaker notes including
the bulk of the information provided in the following list.)

Choose a minimum of three areas of study within the larger discipline
of clinical informatics. (These would include areas such as clinical
decision support, visual images, clinical documentation, and provider
order entry systems.) Research a minimum of three full-text scholarly,
peer-reviewed, or other credible source for each of the chosen areas of

  • Summarize each of three chosen areas of study within the larger framework of clinical informatics.
  • Evaluate the current state of research for each selected area of study in clinical informatics.
  • Compare and contrast how clinical informatics changes the practice of medicine.
  • Explain how automated interpretation of data and control systems impact provider care and health care delivery.
  • Assess the potential impact each area has on potential changes in health care delivery and medical care costs.

You may wish to include visual enhancements in your presentation.
These may include appropriate images, a consistent font, appropriate
animations, and transitions from content piece to content piece and
slide to slide. Images should be cited in APA format as outlined by the APA Key Elements (Links to an external site.). It is recommended that you access Garr Reynolds’ Top Ten Slide Tips (Links to an external site.) and Simple Rules for Better PowerPoint Presentations (Links to an external site.), which provide useful assistance with creating successful PowerPoint presentations.

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