COMM 120 Perceiving Others Tendencies in Perception Summary

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Review “Common Tendencies in  Perception” (pp. 119–123) section in the chapter and choose at least  three to discuss. Think of a time when you have experienced each one.  What were the outcomes? Would they have been different if the common  tendency had not played a part in your perception? How might greater  empathy (p.126) have helped the people involved communicate more  smoothly?

Note: Alternatively, you can use examples from “!2 Angry Men” movie for this assignment (look for video clips on youtube). 

the ebook is attached below so you can reference to chapter 4. 

no citations required.  

1 page, double spaced, 12 pt font, times new roman response required.


note  #2: This is an exit task for my Communications 120 class and my  instructor checks for little details, so please accomplish the response  as if you were required to do it. Thank you

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