Criminal Charges Against Hillary Clinton Questions

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Create a post, give it the title of “Comey” or “Clinton” to reflect with whom you side, and answer the questions below, by Saturday evening. While writing your post, incorporate at least one principle from the National Communication’s code of conduct and any other relevant personal, organizational, or professional values. Also, include any facts, citing them. This video (view all 9:26) and this video (focus on 7:51-9:50, and 12:40-21:18) will be helpful in unpacking this debate.

  1. What did Director Comey in the FBI need to decide?
  2. What were the one or more moral problems?
  3. How were different stakeholders affected? (Go beyond talking about the U.S. voters.) For each stakeholder, could this individual or group of people voluntarily choose whether to be affected?
  4. For what reasons do you side with James Comey or Hillary Clinton?

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