Rasmussen College Aspects of Nonverbal Communication PP Presentation

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  1. Select four of included photographs.
  2. Using either PowerPoint or Prezi, create a presentation that
    demonstrates your comprehension regarding these communication elements:
    Please include the following:

    1. A title slide including your name.
    2. Four slides that explain aspects of the nonverbal communication that you see depicted in the photographs. Be sure to include the photograph on the slide.
      Be as specific and detailed as possible in your description of body
      language, facial expression, physical distance (if applicable), gesture,
      and other aspects of nonverbal communication that you see.
  3. Using Screencast-o-matic (screencast-o-matic.com) or similar
    software, create a short video presentation of your PowerPoint or Prezi.
    Explain in detail the nonverbal elements of communication that you
    observe in each of the four photographs you have selected. Video should
    be between four and seven minutes long. This video should either be of
    the presentation itself or a hybrid video that includes both the
    presentation and an inset webcam video.
  4. Upload your video to screencast-o-matic, YouTube, or similar online
    video sharing site and provide a link to your video. Include your
    PowerPoint or Prezi with your submission.

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