Stevenson University Literature Review Essay

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  • Write a 1500 word literature review for your project topic from a communication standpoint. Please add in theories. In the review, be sure to provide a discussion of what has been previously written about your case topic, with an emphasis on published scholarship that you expect to consult as you analyze your case. Also include a summary of what has been written about similar cases. 
  • Your literature review should place its primary emphasis on resources written within the last 10 years. 
  • To find resources for your review, consult works cited from your course texts as well as what you can find in the university’s online library. 
  • Include a minimum of 20 sources for the facts of your case as well as the theory for synthesis and analysis. 
  • This assignment will serve as a preliminary draft of the literature review that you include in both your case proposal and your final capstone paper. 
  • The introduction of your literature review will provide a summary of the case facts. The body of the literature review will then discuss theory that you believe is relevant to the case. 

My research question is What weaknesses exist in Amazon’s crisis response management in cases of natural disaster, and how can they be strengthened?  

The topic: six people working at one of Amazon`s warehouses died from a tornado in 2021. The employees were alleged to be forced to work regardless of the tornado warning. The delayed response to the incident was one of the main challenges in the context. Crisis management  

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