Week 7 Power in Relationships Research Paper

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The Week 7 assignment is a descriptive/informative research paper on the topic selected for your week 4 assignment. You will use the outline and scholarly sources from the annotated bibliography to develop the paper.

Week4: Developing the Research Paper         SELECTED TOPIC: Power in Relationships INTRODUCTIONThesis statement: power in the relationship is associated with the failure of the relationship, abuse of one partner, and inequality. Overview of your 3-5 Key PointsIn a relationship, the male partner is likely to dominate the relationship.  Power in the relationship is expected to hinder fair decision making.Power may eventually lead to violence.BODYI. A. In a relationship, the male partner, is likely to dominate the relationship. A. Following the male chauvinism in the society, the male spouse is likely to dominate the relationship. This is a significant disadvantage to the female partner as following the fact their views are not heard. The practice of power is the ultimate obstacle to a productive relationship. Besides, the male partners usually take advantage of and exploit the female one. The tendency to practice power in relationship act reduces the lifetime of relations. B. Basically, this is usually depicted by the fact that most people who are abused in a relationship. The females are barely given a chance to control the relationship. For instance, women in marriages are scarcely permitted to express their views. This makes their marriage life harder and harder every day. This presents the need for equal power distribution. I. B. Power in a relationship is likely to hinder fair decision making. A.  Decision-making in a relationship is very important. It ensures that the relationship is successful. Involving the partner in decision-making is very important as all the parties get to express their views. This promotes equality in marriage and other relationships. Also, the lack of opportunity to make decisions may contribute to male chauvinism.  B. Partners who show their power in a relationship are always making the decisions. This goes against the goal of a relationship, which is to make a mutual decision. During a disagreement, one partner may refuse to agree even if the other partner is correct; this affects the decision-making process in that relationship. Partners should work towards a collective decision.  I. C.Power may eventually lead to violence.A. In most cases, the male partners always think they are correct in everything. When their partner disagrees with their decision or opinion, they may start a fight. Power leads to bias in every decision made, thus affecting the other partner negatively.If the weaker partner fails to comply with the decisions made, a fight may arise. This is an indication that power can lead to violence. B.Besides, some males believe that violence can be used to acquire respect and power. This way, such a partner ends up abusing the other one. Also, intimidation is used by some partners to show power. The male partners have a tendency to instilling fear on the other side in order to be feared and respected. Therefore, intimidation and violence are majorly reported in a relationship where there is power inequality.  CONCLUSIONPower in a relationship has different implications for both partners. Also, it determines the success of a relationship. Power has been associated with violence. Besides, they hinder fair decision making. Lastly, male partners are likely to dominate the relationship. Therefore, power in a relationship may contribute to the failure of the relationship, abuse of one partner, and inequality.  There is a need for power balancing between the partners in a relationship to ensure it is successful.   

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