COM 320 FSU IMRAD Research Summary Paper

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Hi again! Below is the project description: This two-part project asks you to select a research article in your field for closer examination. For Part I, you will synthesize “What is already known” on this topic; as well as “What this study adds” to the literature in this area. For Part II, you will critically assess and reflect on your own work in a written memo. Please format these as two separate sections. (Part I and Part II) within a single document that you upload by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, July 20. The research article you write about MUST be from the last five years (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022). Points will be deducted if the article was published before 2018.Part I—Research SummaryRefer to page 128, exercise 5 in your textbook. Follow these instructions carefully. Make certain to choose a research article (not a review paper or other article type). It should also follow the general IMRAD format. As mentioned, journals don’t always use the exact IMRAD categorization, but they do generally cover the material found in each of these sections in their own specific format. You are welcome to email me your article before the assignment so I can make sure it is acceptable. Part I should be formatted as two paragraphs, approximately 200 words total. The first paragraph should be labelled, “What is already known” on this topic; the second should be labeled “What this study adds” (these should be written in paragraph format with high-level writing; do not use bullet points).Part II—Memo on Part IAnalyze the writing you did in Part I in the form of a memo of about 150-200 words.Use the attached rubrics of content, form, style, and mechanics to critically assess and reflect on your work.Be sure to include the citation (APA style) for your source document in the memo; you should also provide a direct link. You must provide a link that works. 10 points will be deducted if the link does not work or only takes me to an abstract or to a window to buy the paper. Please check this carefully.Additional advice for this project: Do find something that interests you and that is in the field that you are pursuing. You will get great experience by choosing something with complexity and with scientific standards and content. You will spend some time making sure you fully understand the article, so you might as well learn some interesting and helpful information!If you go to the long URL that the book prints in exercise 5, you will get general instruction for authors. The examples and instructions for what is known/what this paper adds is buried in there but are helpful.Two good examples of this project are included in the Week 4 module; please review these samples to make sure you are on track.Grading: This assignment will be graded on the following criteria:  Followed directionsBased assignment on an IMRAD research articleCorrect APA format for citationProvided working link to full articleWell-written syntheses in part I Thoughtful and self-reflective memo for part IIFree of grammar and spelling errors

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