COMM 101 Conflict Management Discussion

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Journal Entry #8: Conflict Management
Based upon Chapter 8 (Conflict Management) and Lectures: Conflict

1. Analyze your primary conflict management style (competitive,
accommodation, avoidance/withdrawal, compromise, collaboration). What
makes you think this is your primary style? Is it the same or different than
your Partner’s primary style? In what ways do your conflict management
styles hamper effective communication with your Partner? Or enhance?

2. Describe a pseudo conflict that you and your Partner have experienced. What
was the real cause of the pseudo conflict? How did you determine that it was
pseudo (and not real) conflict?

3. Think of a conflict situation that you had with your Partner where you were not
satisfied with your behavior during the interaction. In hindsight, what would
you have done differently and why?

4. Think of a recent communication exchange with your Partner that began as a
seemingly casual conversation but escalated into a conflict. Can you identify
a reason for this (emotional condition, difference in values, etc.)? Is there
anything you could have done to avoid the conflict? What cues might you
each have looked for to understand the other’s mood?

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