Communication Development Plan Presentation

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Communication Development Plan (CDP) A focus of this course is to provide you an opportunity to engage in a personal communication  development experience. This assessment touches on many issues we will discuss during the  semester. During the semester, you will learn and realize new insights into your communication  behaviors. The goal plan will resonate in your daily work situations. In fact, the CDP will  position you for success in the coming year and throughout your career—it provides a roadmap  for success.  Process Please complete all pages of the CDP. Start with the questionnaire and determine your score.  Next, you will answer a few questions and fill in your goal sheet for the semester. Think of these  as SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

PART 2 – Presentation #1  at the start of class In a three-minute presentation to be delivered in the ELC small rooms, you will inform your  audience about the state of your current communication skills. In addition to your own beliefs,  include results from your CDP to support your assertions. Consider a visual interpretation of  your results, such as a graph.

In this presentation you are asked to introduce yourself and your topic, identify communication  strengths and weaknesses, provide examples when appropriate, and in conclusion, detail three  specific areas for improvement you would like to focus on this semester. These could be your  SMART goals

Visual Aids/Attire A minimum 6-slide PowerPoint. Dress is business casual or business formal, whichever is most  comfortable for you

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