Complementary Relationship Between Human Beings and the Environment Essay

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I need a 2-4 page essay at least 750. Use key terms found in book chapter

Our management of the core fundamentals within the communication process now is focused on the specific and complete presentation of information. Our direction is toward presenting all relevant information that clearly advances the mission or position and energetically persuades the listener/reader to your way of thinking.

For this fourth report, take a stand on something that is important to you. Keep in mind the specific main idea of your argument/thesis statement, and recognize that your challenge is to create a comprehensive communication of a focused position on the precise subject. The subject may be political, social, educational, or it may reflect a local or community based initiative.

Please consider and choose the subject carefully. Also, as you present the good content, carefully consider the appropriate structure of your argument that respects the total and comprehensive state of issue. In other words, consider and respectfully recognize any opposing views.

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