HHS Communication Discussions

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Take a look of the speeches below. What do you think of the speeches and how to effectively communicate with an audience? What are the best ways to introduce yourself? What do you think of the techniques given? BE sure to reply to this discussion and reply to two of your classmates BELOW THE VIDEOS.


When presenting a speech to an audience, staying on track is usually the greatest approach to keep the audience focused on what you have to say. In order for a presenter to grab the audience’s attention, they must first introduce themselves to the audience. I believe that one of the most important methods to keep on track is to communicate with an audience. In my opinion, one of the best ways to begin a speech or introduction is to say something that grabs the audience’s attention while simultaneously piqueing their curiosity. How to Introduce Yourself by Kevin Bahler is an excellent example of this. You’ll have a better chance of connecting with your listeners if you don’t insult any specific groups of the audience.

The film, “The Seven Secrets of the Greatest Speakers in History,” reveals some of the little-known tricks of the trade that most people overlook when giving a speech. Awe-inspiring methods for introducing yourself and engaging with the audience are discussed in this video. Everything comes down to the presenter’s voice, body language, and overall audibility. I think the techniques presented in these videos are valuable and can have an impact on how someone delivers a speech.


Kevin Bahler After watching Kevin Bahler’s video. Important strategies which he discussed during high school were safe introduction, safe conversation, and safe friendship. As the presenter Bahler was entering high school, he had trouble making friends. However, Bahler idea of a safe introduction was not fruitful and he felt bored and disconnected from the friendship. Moving forward, he realized that he will be himself and aim for like-minded people and happiness. The perfect introduction is still not specific, but he began to share his interests and likes, which led to a more fruitful friendship and a happier relationship.

Richard Greene explained at the beginning of his speech that it is imperative to ensure that your audience feels every emotion that the speaker experiences through his words. This brings him directly to his point, which is to grab the audience’s attention. Grabbing the attention of your audience can be done in the simplest way, which is to start with a joke. This helps to lighten the mood of the speaker himself/herself if they are nervous and can easily capture the attention of the audience. The second tip offered was that along with jokes, you should tell a related story. The story can be personal or inspirational at any time. The most appropriate way to share a personal story according to him. It is possible to share different stories with your audience depending on the setting and the occasion.

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