Multicultural Multimedia Presentation

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The Multicultural Multimedia Presentation will include an exploration of professional communications in our globalized world. You will look at different variables of cross-cultural communication and provide recommendations with how to best do business with your chosen culture. One day, you may be sent to India, China, Malaysia, Japan, Honduras, Germany, or anywhere else in the world to do business.  Will you act like a typical American, or will you be ready to fit in to best represent your business?

Choose any country/culture outside of the United States to research the do’s and don’ts of doing business in that country. Your presentation should be roughly 10 minutes in length, but please keep it to only about 10-15 slides. 

Multimedia presentations utilize multiple medium (multimedia).  This means you will use video, image, words, music, and other methods to get your audience’s attention.  You can use a variety of software including:

  1. PowerPoint
  2. Prezi
  3. YouTube/Vlog
  4. PowToon
  5. iMovie
  6. Animoto
  7. Other

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