SNHU Buyer and The Global Clean Water Initiative Questions

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You are a beginner freelance graphic designer and have been hired by a nonprofit, California-based organization heading up a global clean water initiative. The organization is opening three satellite offices in Vietnam, Nigeria, and Mexico. As part of a larger marketing campaign, the organization would like you to design a flyer for one of these locations. The flyer will be distributed throughout the community to increase awareness of the initiative and encourage members of the community to volunteer.

For the purposes of this project, you have been provided with a Design Specifications document that includes the company vision, copy for the call-to-action flyer, and additional design specifications. You will choose one of the three satellite office locations and research the country to create a profile of the target audience. Then, using your research and the information provided in the Design Specifications document, you will create a design brief and proposal as well as a mock-up of your flyer. You will also provide a written justification for your project’s legal considerations and explain how you applied your target audience research to your flyer mock-up.


For this milestone, complete only Part 1 (Design Brief and Proposal) of the GRA 290 Project Two Template.

Create a design brief and proposal in InDesign for the client based on the country you chose (I WILL BE WORKING IN VIETNAM) using the Design Brief and Proposal Template linked in the “What to Submit” section. This includes a scope of work, a target audience profile, a mood board, a project schedule, and a list of terms and conditions. Refer to the design specifications located in the Supporting Materials section to inform your work.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

Design Brief

Define the scope of the project including the following required information. Add your responses in the Statement of Work section.

Define the project goals.

Summarize the output specifications.

Provide a high-level summary of the design process.

  1. Create a detailed profile of the target audience based on your chosen country. Add your responses in the Target Audience section.

Choose one country from the Design Specifications document.

Explain how specific colors are perceived in your chosen country.

  1. Explain your strategy for choosing images that represent your chosen country’s culture.
  2. Create a mood board with the following required elements and images. The design elements and images in the mood board must be aligned with both the client’s intended message and your target audience research. Add your elements and images to the Mood Board section.
  3. Include three images. Remember to provide relevant attributions.
  4. Include two typefaces.

Include one color palette with a maximum of four colors.


  1. Develop a project schedule. Add your responses in the Project Schedule section.
  2. Include a timeline of all project milestones.
  3. List at least five key terms and conditions you would include in the contract. Add your responses in the Terms & Conditions section.
  4. Include financial considerations.

Include legal considerations.


  1. When you want to create multiple versions of a design file or make significant changes to a design file, the best practice is to work on “copies” of the original file and not modify the original file itself. Use the “Save As Copy” option to create copies of the original file.
  2. This section of Project Two is a great artifact to include in your portfolio. Once you receive instructor feedback, take time to revise your assignment. As a best practice, save the finalized copy as a RAW file in your OneDrive account so you are able to make edits in the future.

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