University of The Cumberlands Virtual Moderator Usage Paper

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Please update paper and add some more references, add introduction for chapt 2.

refine Chapt one with (Add into current chapter 1)

Purpose of the Study/Project

Indent each new paragraph. Write your next section here. The Purpose of the Study/Project should start with a clear declarative sentence that specifies the problem that is presented for research. As with any research, it is hoped that someone, a particular community, state or institution, or society will be edified by the results. Include the type of study in this section – quantitative, qualitative, etc. The Purpose of the Study/Project is not a long section. Most of the sections in this chapter are relatively short compared to Chapters Two and Three. Discuss the link to the degree discipline in the purpose and significance of the study.

Significance of the Study/Project

Indent each new paragraph. Write your next section here. In this section, you will connect the significance of the study/Project to organizations interested in this study, and you must connect to leadership or policy and how the study could impact decision-making or improvement of current practices.

Research Questions

Indent each new paragraph. Write your next section here. This section should start with a brief overview of the focus of the study and rationale that leads to the research questions. The research questions should be numbered and listed. This paragraph should end with transitioning statement linking to the research questions. For example, Three research questions guided this particular research; or, The research addressed the following questions:

To what extent did the ……..

What differences exist between…….

To what extent did the ………

Please fill out the exempt application for quantitative study. remember it is a quantitative study.

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