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Pick out two ads from the last five years and perform an analysis of how they use ethos, pathos, and logos. You should select one that you find persuasive and one that you do not find persuasive in order to compare effective uses of ethos, pathos, and logos. For example, as you view the ads, you may ask questions like, Does one use pathos better than the other? Remember, pathos includes humor. Are there any logical appeals presented in these ads? How does ethos come into play? Is simply having a famous person appear the same as an appeal to ethos?

These are not necessarily the exact questions you all will have, but more an example of some.

In a four to five page double spaced paper (it will be difficult to answer in fewer pages, but more is ok) you should compare and contrast your two chosen ads. Be sure to include the following information:

  • ??Two commercials from the last 5 years
  • ??How does each make use of ethos, logos, and pathos (some may barely use one)?
  • ??Which ad uses ethos, logos, and pathos best (one ad can use more than one best)?
  • ??Which ad uses ethos, logos, and pathos worst (one ad can use more than one worst)?
  • ??How can the rhetorical appeal of each ad be improved? Think about how, for example, an ad could have its pathos (emotional) appeal increased?
    Funnier? Sadder? Be specific.
  • ??Why does each ad personally appeal or not appeal to
  • ??What type of person or group do you think each ad will appeal to? It’s ok to say you don’t see it appealing to anyone, but try to think outside of yourself.

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