Communications Anthropology Discussion

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1. What are the main areas of research (“sub-fields”) of anthropology? What is the focus of study of each of these areas of research? Which of these sub-fields are you most familiar with and how?  Which of these seems most interesting to you? Why?

2. Write a brief description of anthropology as a whole? If someone asked you to describe the field of anthropology, what would you say? This should not be more than 2-3 sentences.

3. There are several terms used in this brief article.  Based on the article and additional research, define each of these. Discuss how these concepts are related to one another. For example, how is ethnocentrism related to genocide? How is cultural relativity related to human universalism? 

           a. cultural relativity

           b. human universalism

           c. ethnocentrism

           d. genocide

4. Culture is a central concept in anthropology. Most of us have some ideas about what culture is. Based on your own knowledge and the class reading, create your personal definition of culture.

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