Communications homework help needed with network cabling from The Sunshine Health Corporation

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1.Network Cabling

The Sunshine Health Corporation has
requested you evaluate their Scottsdale, Arizona facility. The original
structure was built in 1965. The facility has undergone several remodels
aesthetically, with no real infrastructure changes. The facility is wired with
coaxial cable and RJ11 for telephone. In 1995 each office and the production
facility were wired with Cat 3 cable. Much of this cabling still exists. In
2001, the executive offices were wired with Cat 5 cable.

Upon inspection, none of the old
cabling has been removed. The main communications room where telephone and
networking equipment is housed has access to all the old cabling which is
unlabeled. The client would like you to assess a modification plan for bringing
this facility up to speed. Their previous contractor purchased several
networking devices and was never able to get the equipment to operate at
capacity. In your preliminary report, it was stated that wiring would need to
be brought up to current networking needs in order to make best use of existing
equipment. It appears there will be some need for upgrading equipment also as
the wrong equipment was purchased.

For this assignment develop a plan
of action for cleaning up the wiring structure, laying new fiber cable where
necessary, and present the idea of developing wireless LANs, and Wi-Fi
capability throughout the facility. Please discuss also potential cost savings
upon completion of a plan.

The building is two stories of
offices in the front of the building covering approximately 20,000 square feet
between both floors. The remainder of the building is just over 200,000 square
feet of two story warehouse that is used for storage in the very back, and
manufacturing production in the front part a warehouse. All sections of the
warehouse must have Internet capability as well as Intranet connectivity.

The assignment is rather broad and
speaking in general terms. Have fun with this though please address the key
areas. You also submit a proposed budget for the wiring, equipment,
installation and testing. The assignment should be 2-3 pages of content not
counting title page, reference page or appendices (diagrams, budget sheet,
equipment list, etc.). Please follow APA format and use credible supporting
materials to make your case.

Submit your work as an attachment.

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