Los Angeles City College Child Labor Within the Community Speech

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Persuasive Speech Assignment (250+65= total315 points)

Assignment: You must convince the audience that a problem in our community exist, explain what is the cause of the problem, and offer a solution that we the audience can do to fix the problem.

Topic: You topic must be a problem affecting our local community or individuals in our class. Your speech must contain a specific action we in the audience can take to solve this problem.

Persuasive speeches are the hardest of all speeches because it requires credibility and emotional appeal of the speaker to be successful.

1.Time Requirments: 5-7 Minutes (750 words-1000 words)

2. Outline

Special Requirements:

  1. This presentation should persuade your audience to take action to help solve your problem. knows.
    2. Use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.
    3. Your speech must contain at least 4 outside sources, and those sources must be cited verbally in the speech and in writing on a work cited page accompanying your outline.
  2. Speak extemporaneously from notes do not read.
    5. Make sure your presentation is persuasive in nature.
    6. Turn in a Typed outline that must be formatted according to our text’s guidelines and a work cited page. on the Persuasive Speech outline assignment page

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