MGMT 104 OCCC Customer Service Initiative in The Company Memorandum

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The last CEO left abruptly and rumors circulated as to why. The new CEO wants to focus on one of the issues form the list below to help refocus the company in a particular area as a goal for the next year. The memo you create will be for the CEO to send out to the entire company about a new initiative.

Your new CEO has heard that you have gained expertise in the development of clear communication skills. The CEO wants you to create their first companywide memo on a topic from one of the four topics below (you can choose which one of the four topics!). Use the concept of a Memo Sandwich to build your DRAFT memo for your CEO. 

Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect and this is reflected in the concept of a “Memo Sandwich.” Communication should begin and end with positivity.

This is what we call an “Inward Facing Memo” which means it is for employees to read and know about and not for the general public.

Issue 1: Harassment – All employees in the workplace should have the right to be  comfortable in the workplace and free from any type of harassment – sexual or otherwise. Human Resources will be providing training for all employees on Harassment in the Workplace. The CEO is expecting all employees to attend.

Issue 2: Customer service – This is a major part of our company and we want to improve our image with our customer base. The Marketing Department has a special online training program which the CEO expects all employees from the CEO to the lowest paid position to attend as all of us deliver customer service at some point.

Issue 3: Meetings –These are a part of our communication process. We will be going through some training from our Vice President of Communications on how to keep meetings short, positive, and productive. There will be a series of short but effective online trainings for everyone so we can all save time, be clear, and participate better in uplifting meetings.

Issue 4: Fiscal Software Update – Our company had some financial targets missed in the last two years. Our Vice President of Business will present to all employees a new financial metric dashboard so we can all be aware of our budget and fiscal goal on one simple screen. Everyone is to attend this important unveiling of this new measure.

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