What are the primary ethical concerns for persuasion through social media?

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Choose one of the questions listed on page 2 of this assignment sheet and reflect on it in a five-
paragraph essay. 

I chose this one – What are the primary ethical concerns for persuasion through social media? 

Your essay should contain an introduction wherein you introduce the topic and articulate a
a clear answer to your selected question in the form of a thesis statement.

The next three paragraphs should defend your answer to the question using specific examples
and evidence. Each paragraph should make a different point in favor of your position related to
the question. Think: why have I said this is the answer to the question? Evidence could include
relevant statistics, testimony or stories, research studies done on your topic, etc.

The concluding paragraph should serve as a rebuttal. In this paragraph, directly address
arguments that might be made against your response to the question and explain why you feel
they are incorrect/insufficient. Alternatively, you may offer a set of exceptions to your
argument, explaining why, despite these exceptions, you still take the position you have
articulated in the other three paragraphs.

For example, let’s say you’re arguing that deception is not ethically justifiable as a persuasive
technique. In the conclusion, you can explain reasons why people might think it’s ethically
justifiable, then explain why they’re wrong about that. Or… you can explain a few cases where
deception might be ethically justifiable, despite the arguments you have already advanced.

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