Adverse Effects of Social Network Persuasive Speech Paper & Presentation

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Now that you have compiled information regarding your topic, create a speech using that material.

You will make a 6-8 minute oral presentation to the class about something regarding your issue. With the research you’d completed, you have discovered some problems associated with your issue.

You must use Problem/(Cause)/Solution organizational pattern. Define the problem(s) (remember your classmates have not read your paper), and give us a proposed solution.

This will be a Speech of Policy. Your goal is to use ethical methods and appeals to get your audience to DO SOMETHING about the problem you’ve brought to our attention.

Use a minimum of three oral citations. These should come from credible sources.

You may use five note cards (5, 3×5, written on one side only) and deliver your presentation

Practice your presentation so you know it will fit the time requirements.

This presentation is persuasive in nature so you will be taking a stand and providing evidence and using reason to support your argument.

Visual aids are REQUIRED. Note: this is different from your visual essay.

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