COM 1002 Rasmussen College Receiving Feedback Paper

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How good are you at receiving feedback about yourself? Do you enjoy it or do you find it difficult? Well, for this assignment, you are going to ask two (2) people in your life to complete the feedback form below, discuss their feedback with you, and afterwards, send the completed form back to you. Their feedback will provide the basis for your paper.

Do the following, to complete this assignment:

  1. Provide the Feedback Form to at least two (2) different people in your life. Consider family members, co-workers, partners, or friends.
    • It would be prudent to send it to more than two (2) people, just in case some are too busy or fail to respond in a timely manner.
  2. Once a form has been completed, BUT before you have seen/read it:
    • Think about the questions you will need to address below.
    • Meet with the respondent via phone, video chat, or in person.
    • Have the respondent read their answers to you.
  3. Write a 2-page paper, using proper spelling and grammar, based on the questions below:
    1. Who critiqued you and what is your relationship to them?
    2. What did you perceive during your feedback session with them?
    3. What answers surprised you?
    4. What answers didn’t surprise you?
    5. Did this have any influence, positive or constructive, on your perception of yourself?
  4. At the end of your paper, copy and paste the content from the completed Feedback Forms returned by your respondents.

I have attached the completed feedback forms

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