Controversy mapping case study preparation report

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What you will include

  • Title: The title of your case study
  • Synopsis: What technology is your case study about? What is the disagreement/controversy about?
  • Relevance: What does this tell us about how technology evolves? Which concepts that you learned in the course are illustrated by this case? (including in-text citations in APA format to at least one of the academic sources we have covered so far in either required or extension readings)
  • Sources: Which primary sources have you used to find out more about what happened? How did you verify your facts? Describe. 
  • Timeline: An annotated timeline diagram that shows between 4 and 5 moments in the evolution of the case (including a few sentences about each moment). See this page for more on how to create a timeline. 
  • Actor network diagram: A diagram that shows at least three key actors (“relevant social actors”) involved in the controversy (including a few sentences for each actor about how they understood the case/problem/controversy). See this page for more on how to create an actor network diagram.  

Part 2: Peer Review

Use the prompts given below to provide initial feedback for your assigned peer’s case study (250 to 500 words).

What’s Included

Summary: How clear is the description of the case study? Is there anything that is unclear or questionable to you?

Relevance: Does this seem like a good case study to highlight important elements of the way technology is developed?

Sources: Are there enough sources to verify the facts? How reliable are they?

Timeline: Is the timeline clear? Are the moments adequately described?

Actor network diagram: How clear is the Actor network diagram? Does it adequately summarize how the relevant social actors conceptualize the case/issue/controversy?

Part 3: Website

You will develop a simple website to explain and illustrate technical disputes for the public.

What’s Included 

Home page: includes the title, summary and relevance of the case study

Timeline page: includes annotated timeline diagram

Actor Network page: includes an annotated Actor Network diagram

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