CST 126 Week 4/ MTH 155

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We all have biases, whether we recognize them or not. Some biases are a fleeting feeling or thought that we dismiss and some might be biases that we act upon. Because we are not always aware of our biases, it may be difficult to change them. A group of social scientists developed an implicit bias test to help individuals analyze their attitudes and beliefs to become more aware of their implicit or unconscious biases regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, and other associated topics.

The Implicit Association Test is available online at the following web address for interested individuals:
https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/ Links to an external site.
Information about the non-profit organization hosting the test, test creators, and the confidentiality of the test are available as well.
https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/aboutus.html Links to an external site.
https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html Links to an external site. 

After completing the test, students should: 

1.  Report the findings from the test.

2.  Review the findings and indicate your agreement or disagreement and explain.

3.  Explain how this information will help in your communication activities.



  1. First, you need to get the data. You will need use your MLM account. Login with MLM username/password.  On the left Menu click Stat Crunch, then choose Stat Crunch web site.
  2. Data Tab: Click Data sets then search for MTH155 SP23.
  3. Rename columns with appropriate titles. The survey questions are listed below so you can rename the columns.
  4. CLEAN UP data.  Quantitative data should be all numeric.  Qualitative data should have the same spelling.
  5. Complete the assignment below, then…(#6)
  6. Copy/paste into one document to upload into Canvas. Refer to the RUBRIC in Canvas for point values…did you do what I asked? 

ASSIGNMENT- this is what will be turned in.

  1. Make a pie chart of cat or dog preference.   Use Graph in StatCrunch, PieChart, With Data.  Click Percent under Display.

             (a) Do the majority of survey students prefer cats or dogs, or neither?   

             (b)  Use the survey data to determine the percentage of pet owners.  You can decide which Stat Crunch display you want to use.

  1. Make a bar chart of kinds of pets. Your need to clean up this column.  Dog, dog, dogs, Dogs will should up as four distinct bars if not cleaned up!  Use your own judgement when cleaning up, but repeats will be deducted points.  Use Graph in StatCrunch, BarPlot, With Data.  Choose the correct “Order By” to make it Pareto.

             (a)  What is the least kind of pet owned by surveyed students?

  1. Make a histogram of credit hours.  You need to clean up this column; there is an obvious error.. Use Graph in StatCrunch. For the Bins, “Start at” 1 and use width 3.

             (a)  Using this histogram, could you determine if more students are part-time or full-time.  For this assignment let’s call part-time 11 credit hours or less and full-time 12 credit hours or more?

               (b)  If you can determine part-time vs full-time from the histogram above, state the number of students for each.  If not, change the Bins, “Start at”  and width and paste a new histogram to answer the question.

  1. Make dotplot of number of hours of video games played. Use Graph in StatCrunch

             (a) Describe the shape

              (b)  Does it appear to have any outliers?

              (c) to confirm outliers,  make a stem-and-leaf of number of hours of video games played. Use Graph in StatCrunch and “Outlier Trimming” choose extreme. 

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