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The purpose of this assignment is to give you a chance to speak on a subject about which you are experts—yourself and develop a statement of your personal beliefs and values. Make sure you connect your beliefs and values to your professional life clearly. Since the self-introductions will provide valuable insights into the makeup of the audience for your future classroom speeches, you may want to make notes on your classmates’ backgrounds. The nature of this assignment is to introduce yourself to the class. Don’t try to persuade your audience.

In your speech, you need:

Introduction: State your name, hometown, and major. You can mention something about your life. This will then be the lead-in what you will actually be talking about in the body of the speech.

Body: You must have a central idea, and it is what you want your listeners to remember if they forget everything else. Use transitions between main points.

Conclusion: Summarize the main points. Restate your central idea which helps the audience know what they will understand at the end of the presentation. End on a strong, positive note (offer a sense of closure by matching the introduction).

Speak in the first person.

Stay within the time limits.

Use a minimum of TWO different types of support materials (Supporting Your Ideas Week 3):


Vivid Image



Comparison and Contrast




Although this speech is about you, you still need to practice. You should be able to apply skills taught in the class. (Refer to the lecture PowerPoints). You should maintain eye contact throughout your speech. You should reach your audience and speak at a conversational rate. Visual aid is optional.

Outline: You will prepare a typed preparation outline and submit it on Canvas BEFORE your speech on October 11th. Follow the sample preparation outline (Sample Professional Credo Speech Outline Template.docx) provided on Canvas to format your outline.

Length requirement: 4-6 minutes speech

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