EMU A Time or Situation Where You Were Lied To and You Were Unaware of It Essay

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This essay is a formal paper. Unlike the class discussions, it will be viewable only by me. Be sure to follow the guidelines in the syllabus for essays, including, 700-word minimum and university-level writing. Be certain that you carefully proofread before submitting

Repeat of the questions below:

A) Describe a time/situation where you were lied to, and you were unaware of it at the time of deception, only to discover the truth later on. What was the circumstance? How/why do you think that the “liar” was successful in initially deceiving you? How did you eventually discover “the truth?” Was anyone else aware of this deception? Did they try to inform or warn you about it? Did you believe them? Why or why not?

B) Describe a time/situation when someone you personally know was being lied to, and they were unaware of the deception, and yet, YOU could clearly tell that they were being lied to. What was the circumstance? HOW could you tell that the “liar” was being deceptive while the recipient was not? What “tipped you off?” Why do you think that the liar was successful in this deception? Did you try to inform or warn the recipient that they had been deceived? IF so, how did they respond to you?

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