ICCC Preparing and Procuring Foods Question

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Food is strongly linked to power, as we discussed in class. Examples we discussed include gender roles in preparing and procuring foods, access to food for different communities, international trade of food commodities, the power of humans over the environment, etc.

Food is strongly linked to emotion, in large part because certain foods are linked to important memories. Both the memories and the emotions attached to those memories can be either positive or negative. One example of food as emotion we discussed in class is the article about kimchi for Koreans abroad.

This assignment is spilt into two parts. 

For part one of this assignment, describe a food that has connections to power . You can choose to write about a food-power relationship that is personal to you and/or your community (community can be defined any way you like. For example, family, friends, country, religion, neighborhood, school, etc.) or to write about one of the food-power relations we discussed in class. You can use friends.

Make sure to include the following elements:

  • Name of the food or food-related item (crop, trees, etc).
  • The specific power relations involved (gender roles, race/ethnicity, trade, etc.).
  • Why this specific food or food-related item is linked to a power relationship.

For part two of this assignment. describe a different food that has emotional value for you.

Make sure to include the following elements: 

  • Name of the food.
  • Brief description of the food (main ingredients, how it is prepared or eaten, etc.). Feel free to include a picture and/or a link to a recipe if you like (but you do not need to).
  • What emotions are attached to this food.
  • Why this specific food carries an emotional value for you.

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