Kendall Jenner and Pepsi Proposal Case Study

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You will write a proposal for your case study paper and presentation. The topic you select should be something that is current or was newsworthy in the past couple of years. It must focus on an approach (context) we have studied in class.  An example of a case is Chevrolet in the 1970’s not having any Latinos on its marketing team and deciding to launch the Chevrolet NOVA in Latin America. “No va” in Spanish means, “no go,” so you can image how well a car called “no go” sold in Latin America. Thus, Chevrolet didn’t take into consideration the verbal code.

This proposal should be a minimum of 5-to-6 double-spaced pages (excluding cover sheet and references). For your proposal, you will write the first 3 sections of your case study paper (Introduction, a portion of the Literature/Research Review, and the context section, i.e. what context(s) are you focusing on, such as the cultural context or nonverbal code etc.). Your proposal should include the following:

Proposal Components:

  1. 1. Introduction and Overview: Describes overall purpose of paper including description of case for background and what context you will examine.

2. Literature Review: Summary of theoretical/scholarly literature reviewed for the context of the case, i.e. literature you have research, outside of the textbook, about the context you are examining for the case. (How the context are you examining relates to the literature you pulled and researched) and (at least 5 sources cited).

3. Context Rationalization (what is the context to be associated with your case) and Media to be Examined: Identifies what context (chapter) will be analyzed with the case you are analyzing; provides rationale for why you are selecting this particular context. I.e. how your case relates to a context or theory we are studying. For example, XYZ company didn’t take into consideration the environment or the verbal code etc. For example,  “I” (the student) will examine XYZ’s company’s advertising or media coverage (print, TV, or web) by pulling at least10 newspaper articles etc. that talked about my case. In the paper, I will state, “The media that I looked at I determined that the coverage was positive, negative or neutral?” You will also answer, “did that coverage exacerbate or frame the case in a positive or negative way?”

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