Project Correlation Between Social Media Presentation

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My topic is “what is the correlation between social media use and academic motivation among Master students in Australia?”

The presentation allows you to share critical points from your project and consolidate research evidence (background, literature, data, concepts or theories and gaps), analysis, conclusion, discussion, and/or recommendation.

The timing of your presentation needs to remain strictly within this time frame (5 – 7 minutes) to ensure all friends in your class can present on the same day. 

In this presentation, you need to explain what they have achieved, produced, and implemented, including providing evidence of the execution method by applying a relevant theoretical framework and stakeholder consideration. Therefore, this presentation also allows you to practice professional communication skills to present clearly and confidently, share your project ideas and opportunities, and respond to challenges. 

You can also include any appropriate resources (images or audiovisual) in the task, as long as they are relevant sources and be aware of the time constraint of your presentation.

Text guidelines

Only put a few points on each slide (no more than six lines on a slide).

Use keywords instead of full sentences.

Use a larger font to indicate more important information.

Font size should be 20 to 24 point or higher.

Choose an easy-to-read sans serif font, for example Arial, Verdana, Century Gothic.

Contrast text with the background.

If a slide has a lot of information on it, such as a table or quotation, stop talking for a few moments to give your audience time to read and understand it.

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