Strayer University Identifying Social Style Case Study

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Understanding yourself, as well as others, aids in learning how to adapt to differences. We can develop better conflict management skills and more effective communication habits when we understand our own perspectives and learn to respect and adapt to others’ social, cultural, and generational differences.

For this unit assignment, you will reflect on your own social styles in a written paper. Follow the steps below.

Take the “Identifying Social Style” inventory in section 5.1.1 of your eTextbook. my score was 55. see the attached scoring guide 

Summarize your results from your personal inventory.

  1. Share your results with a family member or friend. Compare and contrast their perceptions with your own as you explain what this activity revealed to you about yourself.
  2. Assess your results with the Style Flexing Guidelines for Enhancing Communication Effectiveness in section 5.1.2 of your eTextbook. Using your results, evaluate what steps you would need to take in each area to increase your communication effectiveness. THIS IS ATTACHED
  3. Describe how your social style affects your ability as a leader to adapt to cultural differences.
  4. What generational and gender areas do you feel you need to address to improve your communication skills?
  5. Summarize your overall findings and the top three areas you will choose to focus on over the course of the next year to have more effective communication and be better able to adapt to differences.

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