Supporting and Supervising Staff

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Choose one of the following questions that were asked of Ria Palet,
from the National School District, in Chapter 7 of your textbook.

  1. How might you support and mentor a staff member who was struggling
    to meet the expectations of the job? What would you do to support
    him/her? Address at least two different issues in your post.
    (Examples: issues with time management, maintaining confidentiality,
    and/or handling misbehavior. You may use these or your own choices.)

Based on the question you choose, create a four-week plan to support
your staff member. The following must be included in your four-week

  1. At least one resource and an explanation of why you included this resource to benefit your staff member.
  2. A reflection focus/question piece. What is your end goal?
  3. Two face-to-face meetings with a predetermined focus question for both meetings.
  4. An evaluation component for the final meeting that will prove that
    this intervention was successful. How will you know that your plan was
  5. Complete your plan in a Word document to include the days you plan on meeting.
  6. Edit

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