The Experience of A Relaxing Day with Carmel Filters Analysis

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Here’s the third Image Cloud project prompt and ads from the 1980’s, below.

ONE ad, and include both your Word Search List as well as a short
description/writeup about why you chose the imagery that you did, and
how you feel it all works together. The length can be as long or as
short as you’d like for the written part, but please include enough so
that your point can be made.

NOTE: Since we have
been having issues uploading both your Image Cloud jpeg, AND a text
entry, let’s try and combine everything together…So, include all into
ONE document crated in Word, or TextEdit, or Pages (or, best for your
Professor and TA: output your file as a PDF and send that!) with:
1) the Image Cloud (embedded into your document)
2) Word Search list
3) Short writeup discussing why you chose the images that you did.

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