University of North Dakota How Language Shapes the Way We Think Questions

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After you read Chapters 8 & 9 and watch video clips, “How Language Shapes the Way We Think” and “Gestures Across Cultures,” you must thoughtfully answer the following three questions in your original post:

1. How does language influence our perceptions and our view of the universe? Cite the textbook and the Ted Talk.

2. Nonverbal symbols and their meanings are different across cultures. What differing aspects of or attitudes toward nonverbal communication do you find challenging, confusing, and/or interesting across cultures? How would you deal with challenges raised by nonverbal communication differences in these areas? In your answer address cultural differences as they relate to at least three of the following categories, and be sure to cite the textbook.

  • Appearance (including judgment of beauty, skin color, attire)
  • Body movement (including posture, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and gaze, touch)
  • Voice (including vocal qualities, characteristics, and segregates)
  • Space and distance (including personal space, seating, furniture and arrangements)
  • Time (including informal time, punctuality, pace, and m-time or p-time)
  • Silence

3. Explain and link to an outside source that further addresses some aspect of cultural differences in language or nonverbal communication and how they impact cultural and social identities.

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