CSUGC Implementing Health Informatics in COVID Discussion

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  1. Read the introduction lecture, required readings/resources and conduct research.
  2. Review the rubrics.
  3. Outline a presentation plan- a WORD document, not a slide presentation (example-Guffey, p. 527). You are the presenter.
  4. Presentation topic is How health informatics can be implemented to address the COVID-19 outbreak (see the reading list).
  5. Develop three-four main points (body) about the main topic focus. Select the area(s) you find most interesting and want to communicate to demonstrate the importance of health informatics.
  6. Audience is nurses, staff, allied health staff, and clinical providers of an outpatient clinic.

Guffey states, repetition in a presentation is effective:

1. “Tell the audience what you are going to tell them.

2. Tell them.

3. Tell them what you have told them”

Repeat your main points in the introduction, body and conclusion. (Guffey, 2018, p. 525).

  • Include the following in the outline:

I. Introduction- identify the speaker and them them what? you will talk about. Preview the three main points you will cover in the Body of your presentation.

II. Body (3 main topic points)- Describe topics, include subtopics and transitions. The topics in body should not need to be in question format as shown in the example on page. 527, Guffey text.

III. Conclusion

IV. References

Post to the Assignment folder (two attempts, last one posted will be graded). Include your name, Unit# and assignment title on the top of the document. Include citations and a reference list as appropriate.

3. Complete the Minute Paper

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